Sometimes for special reasons, we have to stay at a small room that air cooling system can’t reach. Or your small apartment doesn’t install air conditioners. What could we do when facing such situations? A lot of people use table top or ceiling electric fans. But they don’t work well in heating climate. They just blow the air from one side to another. The air always stays hot. Why not use an air cooler to cool your room? Portable air cooler is much better than the fans as well as air conditioners. Here are air cooler advantages and disadvantages. Trust it will do you some help when choosing cooling units.

movable air cooler with wheels

Air Cooler Advantages

Air Cooler Is Workable for Workshop or Warehouse.

Most workshops and warehouse don’t install center air conditioners. It costs too much for such a huge area. Unlike business building, it seems impossible to keep workshop in low temperature. Because machines or manufacturing processes produce an awful lot of heat. The solution is to cool down part of areas. So you can install industrial air coolers every 20 meters, window or roof mounted. It works efficiently in cooling. What’s more, you can place a portable air cooler in front of your working area. You can enjoy the cooling air, though the whole warehouse is hot.

Air Cooler Is Inexpensive

Air coolers are relatively inexpensive. It will not cost you much to afford a standard air cooler that will keep your house cool. Air coolers come with reasonable prices. What’s more, the total cost is very low. You can install it by yourself as it’s very simple. Some air coolers even don’t need installation. There are very few parts of air cooler requiring maintenance. What you do is to wash it every one or two month.


Why air cooler is also called portable air cooler? It is not fixed at a position. Air coolers have caster wheels that you can move from one room to another. Most coolers are also light. You can carry it to anywhere you want. In your house, you can take it from your bedroom to living room and kitchen. If you are attending a barbecue part in summer, portable air coolers are the moving cool devices.

Easy to Install

The cost of evaporative air cooler installation is very few. Some air coolers are ready to use when you take them out of boxes.

air cooler white body blue front

Less Maintenance

Air coolers are simple in design. Most parts won’t go bad even in a very long time. If some parts don’t work well, you can fix it by yourself. The repair process is very easy. You only remove the bad parts and replace them with new ones. If you ask professional repairmen to do this job, the maintenance budget is friendly to you.

Air Coolers Are Healthy

People feel comfortable when using air coolers. It is a pure natural working process, only water and air. There are not any chemical addictives. The air always stays fresh and never becomes stuffy. This helps cut down on allergies. Air cooler brings amount of moisture to the dry air. It makes people breathe easily and feel comfortable. The portable cooler offers moisture when you run an air conditioner. This is requested by dry air.

Working in Open Area

One of the biggest air cooler advantages is that it can work without closing windows and doors. It works very well outside. When you use air conditioners, you will feel trapped. It provides you with cold airflow, but that’s stagnant. This is not safe to breathe in. If want to have fresh air in summer, air cooler is the best choice.

Working Best in Dry Climate

When air humidity level is over 50%, the air cooler will not cool down effectively. The evaporation is hard to happen when the air is full of moisture. It has the best cooling effect in dry regions as air can pass through the wet cooling pads for evaporation. If you are located at tropical and humid areas, you have to try to lower the humidity level in your room. Read How to Use Air Cooler Efficiently for more information.

industrial air cooler ducting elbow

Low Power Consumption

Portable air coolers have lower power consumption than air conditioners. It ranges from 100W to 450W to cover 50㎡ space. By contrast, air conditioners take about 1100W at least, 2-3 times of air coolers.

Air Cooler Is Convenient for Rental Apartments

Everything is limited when you come to a new rental house. You have to buy furniture or other pieces of equipment. Luckily, they are convenient for transportation, shifting and assembling. But it’s not suitable to install an air conditioner for a temporary residence. The cost is too high. In such a situation, portable air cooler is very convenient. Because it's mobility and easy installation.

Air Cooler Disadvantages

Less Cooling Effective than Air Conditioners

Evaporative air coolers can’t lower the temperature as much as air conditioners. For example, an air conditioner can make the room as low as 16 degree Celsius. But air coolers can only lower down to 28 degree Celsius. Air conditioners can cool the room quickly, but air coolers can’t. So many people own air coolers and air conditioners at the same time. It’s proved the best way for both comfort and health

Work Poor with High Humidity

Evaporative air cooler increases the moisture in the air. It’s a humidifier and good for dry climate. But if the area is wet and hot, air coolers can’t perform well. Instead, it increases thermal discomfort. So you need to use a dehumidifier which does the opposite of air cooler.


We can benefits a lot from air coolers in sweltering summer. Compared to other cooling solutions, they are quite efficient and low cost. With H-COOL’s air coolers, there are few downsides as long as you do maintenance regularly.