Unlike air conditioning, evaporative air cooler can’t work well in both dry and wet climate. The process of water evaporation increases the humidity levels indoor. This make you feel cooling. Air cooler is a type of humidifier. When relative humidity level is over 55%, air cooler could not perform effectively. You are hot and sweaty in your room. But don’t worry, there are many things that we can do to reduce the humidity.

What Humidity Level Is Comfortable in Summer

The ideal humidity level ranges from 25% to 55% in summer. Dry environment or too much moisture is not good for living. It will damage your house constructions. For example, you will find water drop on walls which easily gets mildewed. Moreover, High humid is harmful to your body. It causes many health problems such as allergies and respiratory disorder.

Why the Humidity Is So High

We have to find the reasons of high humidity, or don’t know how to lower it. There are three reasons as follow.

  • First, the climate is main one. Tropical climate holds much more moisture than desert weather. We can’t do anything for this, anyway.
  • Second, when you use the evaporative air cooler, the humidity level will increase by a lot. This is how air coolers create cold air.
  • Third, water devices, plants or something else produce moisture more or less.

How Can We know If My House Is Too Humid

It’s not a good to find your home is too humid only when you are sweaty or feel uncomfortable. It seems a bit late. There is a simple way. Go to buy a hygrometer to measure the humidity. You can find it in any supermarkets or online shops. It’s affordable for everyone. Try to control the humidity lower than 55%.

a yellow cat in a high humidity room

How Can We Reduce Humidity

We can reduce indoor humidity by natural ways or electrical machines. Here are some tips for reference. Wish it does some helps.

 Caring About Your Home

  1. Fix Any Leaking Water Devices.

You have to check the water devices such as pipes and faucets carefully. If they leak water, you should fix them at once. As time passes, this will add moisture without knowing.

  1. Don’t Put Plants in Your Room

Nowadays, people like to put some plants in room for fresh air. If your bedroom has high humidity, you should move them to balcony. Plants usually release moisture when growing.

  1. Clean the Gutters 

Remember to wash the gutters in your room. If it doesn’t run smoothly, It will have extremely smelly moisture. This is so horrible for humidity level, your room as well as your health.

  1. Don’t Hang Wet Clothes in Your Room. 

Don’t dry your laundry at your room. Wet clothes will definitely produce moisture. Just hang them at balcony and don’t take in until it’s completely dry.

  1. Not Take Heat Showers

Hot showers produce much humid air. So you’d better take a cooler and shorter shower in hot summer. In addition, you can use a less powerful stream and not fully open the tap.

Lower Humidity with Natural Ways

  1. Make the Air Ventilation

When you don’t stay at bedroom, you can open the windows to let outside dry air come in. It forms a circulation between moisture and dry air. You can open a door too. This will create a cross-draft in the room. It allows moisture to escape, keeping the room's atmosphere dry enough.

  1. Put Some Charcoal Briquettes in Your Room

You might say I’m joking. Charcoal Briquettes are black and look dirty. They are just for barbecue. We should keep them far away. In fact, they are good at dehumidication. Just place them in a basket in your room corner. After many days, the dry Charcoal Briquettes turn a little wet. They absorb moisture in your room. That’s amazing. Remember to change them every 1-2 month.

  1. Put Some Desiccants in Your Room

It sounds good to use desiccants instead of  Charcoal Briquettes. The desiccant is made from silica gel. It’s of strong water absorption, used in many fields. Don’t hesitate to put a box of desiccants in your bedroom.

  1. Increase Indoor Temperature

When air becomes warm, the relative humidity decreases according. How can we increase the temperature ? We might make a fire in a ceramic basin. Do it carefully.

dehumidifier in room

Use Electrical Devices to Decrease Humidity

  1. Open Air Conditioning

Air conditioner has the function of dehumidification. When your room is full of moisture, you’d better open your air conditioner. It cost you much money, but indeed takes effect.

  1. Use Your Electric Fans

Instead of air conditioners, electric fan is cheap and works well. It increases air ventilation and keep your house in a low humidity level. If necessary, you can install a large exhaust fan. It not only cools your room, but help reduce your indoor humidity level.

  1. Buy a Dehumidifier

When humidity in your room is very high, you should buy a dehumidifier. It’s specially designed for dehumidification. As far as my experience, it did a great job. The dehumidifier will remove humidity in your room and store it in a container. After some time, you empty the container, you will see much water. It’s is the moisture from your room.

  1. Operate Your Air Cooler

Most people doubt why we run our desert air cooler. It’s a humidifier and will increase the humidity level. The fact is not like that. Have you seen many buttons on the control board of your air cooler.? There are POWER ON/OFF, TIMER, SWING and COOL. What we do is only to press the button “POWER ON”. It then works like an electric fan, but with huger air flow. If we don’t press button COOL, the water pump will not work and the air cooler will not produce cool and moisture air. It increases air ventilation and lower the humidity. So it’s wise to own an evaporative air cooler. Related reading: how air cooler works


Now you know how to do when you home gets a high humidity level. Small portable cooler is high recommended. If more questions, please contact me freely. We are an air cooler factory, professional in electronic machines.