Evaporative air cooler is a popular cooling device in hot summer. It’s easy to install, low cost and environment friendly. How does air cooler work? In brief, it utilizes wet honeycomb cooling pads to cool the air. Evaporative air cooling principle is close to some manual cooling way. For example, splash cooling water on your body in a hot day. This air cooling system is simple and adaptable for most areas.

Small Evaporative Cooler Working System

What is Evaporative Air Cooling System?

Water Absorption

It seems not easy to fully understand principles of evaporative air cooler. Here is a simple way. Just consider the air as a type of sponge. When air comes across with water, it makes an absorption and turns into humid air. How much water it can absorb usually depends on the present humidity of air. The air with low humidity will absorb much more water than high level. It’s very like the sponge. Obviously, a dry sponge will absorb more than wet one.

Humidity Level

In general, humidity level is the description of water percentage in the air. For example, 25% humidity means water ratio in a mixture of air and water is 25%. If humidity is 100%, it is usually a rainy day. The air is full of moisture. Humidity between 25% and 55% is most comfortable for living. How to control the level ? Click here for some tips to reduce air humidity.

Water Evaporation

As we all know larger amount of water evaporation happens when the humidity in the room is lower. Cooling of evaporative air coolers originates from evaporation. We use the term “relative humidity” when describing the amount of moisture in the air. The air is changing according to the air’s temperature. If the air is warm and dry, it can hold more water. Evaporation takes place frequently. So we have to describe the level of humidity as relative to the temperature. This affects the absorbability of the air as well as the cooling effect.

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Best Condition for Air Cooler Running

Air coolers work better if it’s under three conditions. If we can meet those requirements, running an air cooler might be the best choice. It may be the ideal alternative option for air conditioners.

  1. Water and stable electrical outlet is very necessary for an air cooler. Ice or cold water is the best choice.
  2. Air coolers usually perform better if the climate is dry and humidity is relatively low.
  3. Keep the room ventilation. It surely helps move the moisture and make the air cool.

Without those three requirements, running an air cooler may not be the best solution.

air cooler working principle

Steps To Produce Cooling Air

The process of cooling air is to turn a liquid to a gas. When the moisture comes to touch your skin, it evaporates. Then you feel cool and comfortable. How does air cooler work? Here are some basic points.

  1. The air cooler must connect to the power supplies. Then make sure the tank is full of water. You can add some ice cubes for better cooling effect.
  2. Turn power on and press the button “COOL”. It starts working. You can also press “Swing” any different directions of air blow.
  3. The water pump moves water from water tank to the plastic showers.
  4. Water slowly flows from the top showers into the cooling pads. Cooling pad is a tool to increase air humidity. It’s of high water absorption, long lasting and fast diffusion.
  5. As air comes in contact with water, it absorbs the water and becomes damp. Thus it continuously offers damp air.
  6. When you turn power on, the air cooler fan works as well. It blows humidity air outside.
  7. The wet air greatly increases the humidity in your room. Then you feel cool and comfortable.

Can Air Cooler Work Without Water

Some customers asked me if air cooler can work without water, like air conditioners. I think it’s not workable. The basic principle of air cooler is that it cools the air with the help of water. Water runs down the cooling pads and evaporates. So water is indispensable.

Does Air Cooler Work in Your Area

Workable in Hot Places

Air coolers use the evaporation of water to cool an area. When the air blows past water, some particles on the surface of the water are carried away. Those particles take some heat with them, cooling the air. Sweating works like this. The water particles on the surface of the skin carry off heat with them as they evaporate, cooling the skin. As an ideal cooing device, these air coolers use much less energy than air conditioners. So if you are located in hot area, you can use it.

Popular in Heat and Dry Climates

Air coolers are best machines to deal with the heat in warm climates. In brief, they draw in hotter air, run it through water and eject cooling air. They are neither as heavy, powerful nor energy intensive as an air conditioner. There are both portable and window air coolers. They are intended for both indoor and outdoor purpose. With their operating mechanism, they are better in dry climates than in humid ones.

Why Choose Air Coolers Over Air Conditioners?

As mentioned above, air coolers are quite effective in dry climates. They need a small amount of electricity and water. What’s more, evaporative air coolers are quite friendly to the environment. You also spend less money to buy an air cooler, but have a cool enjoy in hot summer. Do you want to be a retailer or distributor? Contact me please. We are a professional factory in China to produce quality and affordable air cooler.