Portable air cooler is a good alternative to air conditioners. But their working systems are quite different. Air cooler need not put in chemical addictives to make it work. When you add water into the tank and turn on, it works. Fresh, wettish and cool air continuously comes out. Swamp home air coolers seem the best choice for warm and dry climate. But regular maintenance is very necessary. Correct washing steps will not only make it work better, but also prolong its lifespan. How to clean and maintain air cooler ? Specific guideline follows up.

Why Clean Evaporative Air Cooler?

Air cooler will not perform cool as starting when you use it for a long time. More and more mineral or scale dirty buildup stays on the cooler pads. Another reason is to keep the water in the tank clean to avoid smell air. Click here for more tips to make air cooler work efficiently.

How Often we should clean it ?

We need to wash our air cooler in some time. How often ? I think it depends on how long you use. Take mobile air cooler for example, If you only use it in Summer, you could wash it before and after usage. But in some countries, it’s dry and hot in the whole year. It’s better to do a cleaning every three month.

Tools you may need

Tub- A large tub is essential.

Detergent- Wild detergent makes your cleaning job easier.

Brush- When some dirt is hard to remove, a brush will do you help.

Screwdriver- Screwdriver is the necessary tool to disassemble the air cooler.

Goggles– Protective glasses are important to protect your eyes from dirt.

Gloves- A pair of waterproof gloves will protect your hands effectively. Moreover, nobody is willing to directly touch sick and dark smudges.

Choose a Sunny Day

Just do this job on a sunny day. Don’t try on a rainy day if you don’t want to repeat your work.

How to Clean Evaporative Air Cooler ?

Step 1

The first but critical step is to unplug the air cooler from the socket. Safety should always come first.

Step 2

To make use there is no water left in the tank. Our air coolers are designed with water outlet. Drain the water out before washing.

Step 3

Some parts such as dust filters, cooling pads, and water tank should be disassembled. This will help wash air cooler thoroughly.

Step 4

Now let’s wash all parts of air cooler one by one.

  1. The dust filter is to prevent dust to come into the machine. It directly exposes in the air. So it’s better to wash every month. It’s very easy to clean. Just take it out by hand and wash in water
  2. Motor fan Blade is assembled with motor. It should not be taken apart from the machine to avoid any fault. So we should sweep it by a cloth and mild detergent.
  3. Fulfill the tank with warm water. Put detergent in and wait for one hour. Then clean it with a cloth. If dirt is difficult to clear up. Just use a hard brush.
  4. Cleaning cooling pad is the most important step. Firstly, we should check the condition. If they are heavy, split or falling apart, you have to replace them. High quality cooler pads can last 3-5 years. Secondly, shake it manually and most buildup will get rid. Finally, wash it thoroughly in water, both front and back sides.
  5. Clean other parts such as pump, wires and showers.
  6. When you finish the above steps, you should use a new cloth to clean the air cooler surface. This is to avoid any scratches. Everyone favors brand new appearance.
air cooler washining steps

Step 5

Do not forget to inspect the mechanical parts. It seems an ideal to do inspection when washing. It will save you much money and time.

Step 6

After finishing, don’t refit and use air cooler immediately. Put all components under sunshine until it’s dry.

Step 7

Now assemble it with paper instruction and check if it’s installed correctly.

white air cooler after cleaning

Don’t Ignore Below Washing Tips

  • The power supply must be turned off.
  • Take care of the power wire so as not to leak the electricity.
  • Strong detergents are not allowed.
  • Make sure all parts are dry before you use.


A clean air cooler supplies us fresh arctic airflow in Summer. We should not forget to wash and maintain the machine in proper time. Wish this guideline is helpful for you. Cleaning evaporative air cooler is not as easy as washing clothes. You have to ask professional people to do this job if you don’t understand the process clearly. If you have any questions, please contact me freely. We're a professional air cooler manufacturer in China. It’s my pleasure to offer you service.

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