Desert air cooler is another name of evaporative cooler. It’s usually called by people in Middle East such as Saudi Arabia. Desert air cooler has an effective cooling in hot and dry climate. It’s a perfect humidifier and increases air humidity greatly. That’s why they are widely seen in desert areas. Moreover, air coolers are low cost in electric.

Product Information

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Desert Air Cooler
Power: 290W
Airflow: 8000 m³/h
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
N. Weight: 32Kgs
Dimension: 475x800x1380mm
Air Cover: 60㎡
Water Tank: 60L

Product Description

  • The power is 290W. It’s powerful to cool the room quickly.
  • There are four wheels under base. It’s movable for any places.
  • It’s a standing evaporative air cooler. No need to install vents through windows.
  • Swing motor makes it work in many directions. It ensures to cover any corners of the room.
  • It’s easy for operation. You only need to add water into the tank.
  • There are three speeds of airflow. Choose the air power that you like.
  • It’s energy efficient and much lower electricity cost than air conditioners.

Working Principle

Desert coolers are economical both in purchasing and running cost. They are especially effective in hot and dry areas. The working principle is simple. The water pump moves water to the cooling pad and then the water evaporates. When moisture in air increases, the temperature decreases. The cold air is blown by fan and the area becomes cooling.

How to Use

It’s very easy to operate. First thing is to check if it has water in tank. Second, connect the power supply. Third, press the button “POWER NO/OFF”. Fourth, press the button “COOL” and it works. If you want the cool air to go in different direction, just press button “SWING”. Most mobile air cooler with remote control has the same operation

Price Online

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Desert air cooler with 4500 m³ air flow

Online Price: $120

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Home portable air cooler 6000 m³ air flow

Online Price: $160

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Movable air cooler 8000 m³ air flow

Online Price: $210