Evaporative cooling fan is becoming more and more acceptance among people. This model with 12000 m³/h  is both for indoor and outdoor usage.  Evaporative air cooler surely brings more cooling air than electricity fan.  It also consumes lower energy than air conditioners, but produces more air humidity. The simple working principle makes it particular suitable for dry areas.

Product Information

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Evaporative Cooling Fan
Power: 450W
Airflow: 12000 m³/h
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
N. Weight: 40Kgs
Dimension: 575x920x1430mm
Air Cover: 80㎡
Water Tank: 65L

Product Information

  • This evaporative air cooler fan has three usage purposes, cooler, humidifier and dehumidifier. It’s easy to understand the previous two functions. Some people might doubt how air cooler reduces air humidity.  Air cooler promotes air circulation and reduces humidity, when stop to produce humidity,
  • It is also convenient to operate by remote control and electric timer setting.
  • The evaporative air cooler is a cost effective way to keep room cool. It uses natural power of evaporation to cool the air. When located in a dry place, it can lower the temperature by 8-10 degree Celsius.
  • There are two ways to add water. One is to put the water into tank through water inlet. The other way is to connect the water tap with pipe. Water comes into tank automatically.
  • Choose random three speeds as you like. The Nature Mode automatically varies the fan speed to replicate a natural breeze.
  • Timer setting allows you to customize your cooling schedule. The large water tank as well as water pump circle system makes it produce cool air continuously.
  • You can use it in living rooms, big offices and outdoor places. Because there are four wheels under the base.

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