When summer approaches, temperature in some countries reaches as high as 45 degree Celsius. Most of us use evaporative air coolers to fight against sweltering climate. Because they are low cost, high efficiency and super comfort. Some people don’t think air coolers take effect. They don’t use cooler fan in a proper way. So knowing how to use air cooler effectively is very important. Here I have included some tips that might do you some help.

Tip 1: Choose Suitable Air Cooler

There are many types of air coolers. Mini or small air cooler is for small room or office. It produces less airflow. But it works quietly. Portable air cooler equipped with wheels is suitable at home. You can move it from one room to another. If you work at warehouse, shine at the beach or have a barbecue, you’d better choose a cooler over 8000 m³/h. Industrial air coolers are mounted at workshop. There are surely a lot of benefits from Air coolers. So choosing proper air cooler is the first step to use it effectively.

Tip 2: Use Air Cooler In Concert With Air Conditioners.

Air coolers cool down the temperature by pure physical way. It can’t take effect in 5 or 10 minutes. So you need to open air conditioner to cool the area at the beginning. We will not feel well if we stay in the place with air conditioner for a long period. The air is dry and dead. As time passes and the area is not such hot, we can run air cooler instead of air conditioner. It seems more healthy and comfortable.

Tip 3: Add Ice In Water.

Try to add some ice in the water tank. It increases the cooling performance. One of our air coolers has been equipped with ice crystal. It’s very easy to operate. But most coolers don’t. How to use air cooler with ice ? Here are three steps.

  • Step 1 Put the ice trays in your refrigerator. Don’t take it out until it completely freezes
  • Step 2 Get the frozen ice cubes from the refrigerator. Put them in a container.
  • Sep 3 If the air cooler is installed with ice tank, you just place ice cubes in this tank. If not, you should have to put the ice cubes into the water tank through manual water inlet.
air cooler with ice crystal

Tip 4: Make Your Room In Ventilation

When located at open places, air coolers work best. The air comes into the air cooler space through wet cooling pads. Then fresh and cool air produces and blows out. It will increase air humidity. Relative humidity will stay at a high level when working in a closed area. So ventilated air flow is very necessary to run the cooling fan efficiently.

Tip 5: Install Air Cooler in Front of the Window

It’s the best choice to place your air cooler in front of the window. The hotter air comes through the cooling pad, the faster the evaporation happens. So the fan will blow out cooler air. This is working principle of air cooler.

Tip 6: Maintain Your Air Cooler

Air coolers surely require good maintenance. Firstly, you have to wash the cooling pads in some time. If it’s full of dust and debris, you’d better replace it. This can dramatically increase the efficiency of your air cooler. Secondly, do not fill up dirty water, or it might hurt the water pump working system.Thirdly, clean the fan blades timely, and it will improve the aerodynamics and result in better air flow. Finally, when cooler is not in use, store it in a dry place to avoid direct sunshine.

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Tip 7: Assemble Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fan is usually installed at workshop and warehouse. It works to remove the humidity from the space. When the humidity level reduces, the air cooler will perform more efficiently.

evaporative air cooler ice background

Tip 8: Don’t Run When It’s Out Of Water

Water in the tank must be above minimum water level mark. Air cooler works as an electric fan if there is no water. It won’t cool your room. Running the air cooler with too little water may cause pump failure.

Tip 9: Keep Far Away From Air Cooler

Do not let the air cooler blow you directly.Try to stay away with at least 5 feet, or you might get a cold.


Except these tips, do you have got any better ways to use air cooler efficiently ? Keep your room dry. Turn off the lights to push heat out of the room. Open the door and window at the same time to promote air circulation. If you plan to buy an air cooler now, H-COOL has various air cooler for selection, ranging from small cooler,portable air cooler to industrial cooler. Our coolers are low energy cost, but offer fresh, cool and healthy air. We surely can meet your cooling demands.