Air coolers play an important role in sweltering summer. Many people make a simple cooler with plastic bottle. But it doesn’t take effect in cooling since it can’t produce powerful air. Here is a DIY course to make practical air cooler. It can replace the small room cooler buying from shops. Let’s begin now.

Step 1: Necessary Parts and Tools for Homemade Air Cooler

  • Fan blade
  • Water pump
  • DC motor
  • Six pieces polyfoam board ( 2 in size of 27*19 cm, 2 in 23*21 cm and 2 in 27*23)
  • Several sticks and dry grass
  • Plastic pipes
  • One Knife
  • One scissors
  • Some glue
parts of homemade air cooler

Step 2: Install Air Cooler Shell with Polyfoam board

  • Hollow one piece polyfoam board in 27*19 cm into a ring.
  • Hollow the other board in 27*19 cm into square shape.
  • Hollow two pieces of polyfoam board in 27*23 cm into rings.
  • Assemble them into a foam shell by glue.
  • Place the foam stand in the shell for supporting DC motor.
polyfoam board shell for air cooler

Step 3: Assemble the Fan Blade and DC Motor

assembling of air cooler fan and motor

Step 4: Put the Fan and Motor on the Foam Stand in the Air Cooler Shell

homemade air cooler

Step 5: Make Cooling Pad with Sticks and Dry Grass. Three Pieces Are Needed.

cooling pad by dry grass and sticks

Step 6: Assemble the Shower and Fix the Cooling Pad

  • Make holes on the marking pens.
  • Connect the marking pens with pipes.
  • Connect the three pipes with the water pump.
  • Install the cooling pads.
  • Fix the three pens on the top of cooling pads.
  • Place the water pump at the bottom.
assembling shower for homemade cooler

Step 7: Add Water in the Air Cooler, Turn on the Power and It Works.

finished homemade air cooler

Now you know how to make a simple air cooler. It's an interesting DIY. Below video shows you specific steps.  It is surely useful when you are in hot summer. However, I recommend you to buy a small room air cooler if you badly need cooling environment. It performs much better than this DIY air cooler.