Mobile air cooler is used in compact bedroom, small office and so on. If you are fighting against hot summer, you don’t need to buy electricity fan or air conditioners. The mobile air cooler is the ideal machine to keep you cool. It is designed with wheels. You can move it from room to room which is not workable for ACs. It’s also much better than electricity fan.Super low noise brings you a quality and nice sleeping.

Product Information

mobile air cooler white body blue front cover

Mobile Air Cooler

Power: 75W

Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Weight: 5.2Kgs

Packed Size: 325x295x660mm

Water Tank: 4L

Product Description

  • Fashionable design of appearance is favored by customers. It is smart,noble and elegant. It's also simple to clean.
  • It produces fresh air with water evaporation. Honey comb paper speeds water evaporation, and has a good cooling effect.
  • We adopt physical releasing technology. Ice crystal is used to store cool energy.
  • Wind blows in many directions and angles. You can enjoy cooling air in the whole room.
  • Full function remote control allows you to operate it at your convenient.
  • Wheels turn in 360°,moving more easily.
  • 7.5h timer meets most people’s demands.
  • 4L water tank is large enough for the whole night.

Why Air Cooler ?

To create comfortable living space at your house is the first priority for health and happiness. Mobile air cooler is a great option. It performs much better than fans and air conditioners in hot and dry climate. Some people don’t think so, but desert air cooler sure does. It is low electricity consumption, economical and environment friendly. If you are looking for air coolers, please contact us freely.